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Written by Emily Rodgers   
Sunday, 05 October 2008 19:59

‘One Four All & All Four Won’ at St Neots Small Boats Head on Sunday the 5th of October.


St Neots kindly lent us a boat.  We had to bring oars mind.  No problem, Roy’s MG with the hood down.  Distinct lack of volunteers to keep him company though. 


The only problem we encountered was that the boat was immaculate and spotless.  We looked at each other and knew that this boat was going back the way it came out and it did.  Spit, polish and elbow grease.  The querky result was that the two Oundle opposition crews both came in with exactly the same times in different divisions.  With our time of 11.00 to their 12.12 for the 2.6km, they wont want to be meeting us again in a hurry.

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