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Written by Joe Oldak   
Sunday, 14 September 2008 23:04

On the 21st of September, five foolish rowers are taking on the challenge of rowing the 31 miles of the Boston Marathon followed 6 days later by the Tour du Lac, a 100 mile non-stop rowing race around Lake Geneva.

Clearly this is a pretty dumb idea. Well, actually, it's one pretty dumb idea followed by one really monumentally dumb idea. As with so many ideas of this nature, it all started with a bet in the pub...

The five rowers involved are: James Green, Alan Martin, and Joe Oldak from X-Press; Rob Milner from Cantabs; and Hamish Muiry from City.

In order that some good comes from our pain and misery, we're hoping to raise lots of money for ShelterBox. They're a great charity who provide humanitarian aid for people around the world who are affected by natural and other disasters. For more information on what they do, take a look at:

Our donations page is at:

Note that all money you donate goes to ShelterBox - the crew are paying all their own expenses.

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